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Weboldal mito.hu
Ágazat Marketing és reklám
Alapítás éve 2007
Munkatársak száma kevesebb, mint 500 munkatárs

Albert Farkas, Balázs Pőcze and Balázs Kovács had a daring idea at the tender age of 27 (mean average). They envisioned a company developing its own products, taking care of its own advertising and becoming an agency in its own right by making the most of the available top quality grey matter. Around that time, in 2007, the advertising scene started shifting from being dictated by communication channels towards integrated, idea-centered campaigns. That pretty much shaped Mito’s path.

By 2012 the company became a full-fledged communications agency with above the line capabilities complementing the digital roots, as well as a development powerhouse with 50+ frontend and backend developers creating memorable digital campaigns as well as state-of-the art websites. Gaining an edge in development has been made possible by the flocking in of great talent on the user experience, consultancy and data teams simultaneously - and the chemistry holding the different divisions together as one.

Nowadays, while being a top agency in Hungary, Mito also turns abroad for challenges. Heavy research and user experience capabilities provide a solid background for delivering cutting edge stuff (or “clever things”) all over the world, from Reykjavík to Dubai.

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