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Johnson Electric Hungary Kft.
Weboldal www.johnsonelectric.com
Ágazat Energetika
Alapítás éve 1959
Munkatársak száma kevesebb, mint 100 munkatárs

Johnson Electric is a global leader in motion products, control systems and flexible interconnects. We serve a broad range of industries including automotive, building automation and security, business machines, defense and aerospace, food and beverage, home technologies, HVAC, industrial equipment, medical devices, personal care, power equipment and power tools.

Established in 1959, Johnson Electric ships its products to more than 30 countries for use in hundreds of different product applications. Innovation and product design centers are located in Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Israel, France, Canada, UK and USA. We employ more than 40,000 employees and subcontract workers in over 23 countries.

The Group’s business strategy is based on the twin pillars of providing “technology leadership” and being the “safe choice” for our customers. We support our long term customers through their complete product life from new product introduction to mature high volume production. Our customers’ new products and new growth segments are addressed by providing technically differentiated new products and superior service.

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