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Hire-One Kft.
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The Hire-One Personnel Consulting Ltd. is a Hungarian, private owned company. It was established in 2007 with to goal to become one of the leading head-hunter companies in Hungary.  We believe that our success is due to our reliability, persistence, ethical behavior and the willingness to adapt quickly and flexible to the always changing economical environment.

Because of the above listed reasons, by 2010 Hire-One became a relevant member of the human resources environment, and it could establish long-term partner relationship with several, multinational companies.

For Employees:

  • we help you find the suitable position for you,
  • you can get into our database: it takes only 3 minutes to register, only Hire-One can see the information (NO Employers), you can register anonym,
  • if you register we will let you know if there are positions for you.

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