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BP in Hungary (Budapest office)
Weboldal www.bp.com
Ágazat Energetika
Alapítás éve 1909
Munkatársak száma több, mint 3000 munkatárs

For anyone who wants to be part of a global energy business and help the world’s transition to a low carbon future, BP is an exciting place to build a career

Scientific breakthroughs, engineering firsts, maximizing investments – it's what we do

That’s why we make sure that BP is a place where everyone’s perspective is valued and where everyone is able to make an impact. We promote a culture of openness and respect, where you’ll be valued for your ideas as well as your expertise. But more than that, we recognize the importance of treating you with genuine consideration. So at BP, you’ll enjoy an inclusive work environment where your differences are celebrated and where you can make the most of a range of benefits such as flexible working, employee offers, company share schemes and more.

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