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Fiege Kft. Hegyeshalom
Weboldal www.fiege.com
Alapítás éve 1873
Munkatársak száma kevesebb, mint 1000 munkatárs

The FIEGE Group, headquartered in Greven in Westphalia, is a leading European logistics company that specialises in efficient supply chain solutions. With a workforce of over 12,000 at 185 sites in 15 countries, FIEGE operates on an international scale from core markets in Europe, to India and China.

Since its formation by Joan Joseph Fiege in 1873, FIEGE has been family-run – and still is to date, by now in the fifth generation. The cousins Jens and Felix Fiege are part of the four-member Executive Board and manage the company in dual leadership.

FIEGE is seen as a pioneer of contract logistics and since its formation has evolved from a transport company to a globally-operating full-service logistics provider. The tradition-conscious organisation never ceases to reinvent itself in order to remain state of the art in times of digitisation and automation.

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