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Nass Magnet Hungária Kft.

Nass magnet is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electromagnetic servo controls and valves. The majority of our products is being developed and manufactured in our own facilities. Team work and personal responsibility are key aspects of our everyday work.

If you share our enthusiasm for innovation and seek a challenging task, feel free to contact us. Working at nass magnet will help you improve your personal qualification by taking part in the development of high tech products.

–The nass magnet GmbH offers challenging and secure jobs in a modern, medium-sized enterprise.

–We offer qualified studies in accordance to the dual system in the fields of industrial engineering, construction design and mechatronics. Currently, you can join the team by writing your dissertation (Bachelor/Master) at nass magnet

.–We offer qualified apprenticeships in the following fields: mechatronics, mechanical engineering, storage logistic, industrial management, tool design and chipping mechanics.

–Last, but not least: throughout the year there are several phases in which we need external support at our production lines. Feel free to submit your information in our application pool.

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