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T-Trans Főép Kft.

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Our comprehensive building construction services used to be required by mainly large investors and local goverments. The circle of contracting parties expanded over the years due to sufficient and precise work carried out by our services.

We started providing mechanical engineering and mowing property maintenance in 2011. As a result of broeding our company profile we are in charge of maintaining 15 million sq meters property and 30 km plumbing and gas lines.

After further business expansion since 2014 we offer extended construction activities such as property development including architectural design, building investment management and construction procurement.

The company employs more than 100 staff under the coordination of 22 managers, the number of employees dinamically increases in accordance with growing demands. We pay great attention to provide well-trained workforce with a competent management team.

Machinery and equipment is developed successively to retain competitiveness, to raise service standards. Regardless of our division locations we offer construction services in every european courtry.

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