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Ágazat Energetika
Alapítás éve 1991
Munkatársak száma kevesebb, mint 1000 munkatárs

At MOL Group employees are provided a series of challenging tasks and through completion of these they acquire new experiences and knowledge. Our objective is to ensure opportunities that provide continuous development for employees and also contribute to the sustainable success of our company.

Besides achieving business results, behaving in line with MOL Group’s values and leadership excellence are equally important; our managers need to be able to create a positive and collaborative team spirit and working environment.

MOL Group Values:

  • Success and Growth - moving ahead
  • Courage and Decisiveness - to act without fear and overcome frontiers
  • Team-work and Partnership - together, leaving no one behind
  • Expertise and Responsibility - through more intelligent solutions

In MOL Group we differentiate between leadership and expert career path. Employees who are identified as having leadership potential through Performance & Career Management system, and express strong motivation and willingness to pursue a leadership career path, are continuously assessed and developed to be ready to take over potential managerial roles when the opportunity arises. To support it, individual development plans and activities are defined and set up to ensure the smooth landing the new position/ assignment.

Those, employees who are excellent performers and are keen on developing further their professional expertise are steered in the direction of an expert career path, with constant improvement of key knowledge and skills’.

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