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FN Work Service

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FN WORK SERVICE Kft. was founded in 2011 as a firm in 100% Hungarian ownership. Our office is first of all engaged in lending workforce. 

Major values for our organisation and staff include complex customised solutions, reliability, rapidity, cost effectiveness and innovation.

Our firm employs qualified specialists, skilled workers and semi-skilled workers both in Hungary and abroad.

Related services:

•   to develop requirements profile, assessment of knowledge, skills, experience required for filling the relevant post

•   to search for candidates, to find the candidates who are the most suitable to fill the post, to select suitable candidates, to prepare, evaluate language and psychological tests, to check references

•   to introduce candidates, to organise interviews, to fix appointments with the candidates and the Principal 

In addition to our existing services, we are open to and flexible in developing, providing every kind of human resource services and solutions the use of which enable our Customers to focus their full attention and resources on their strategies and value producing processes.

It is important for us that our work should win the satisfaction not only of our corporate Customers, but also of the job seekers who have confidence in us.

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