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Pannonia Bio Zrt. Budapest

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Pannonia Bio operates a biorefinery in Tolna County, Hungary. The plant uses state of the art production processes and is a nursery for development of new bio-based technologies. From its beginnings as a bioethanol producer in 2012, the refinery has doubled in size and developed into a multiproduct facility. Today, nutrition, health, biochemical and fuel bioproducts are manufactured as alternatives to fossil materials.

The biorefinery is the largest ethanol plant in Europe, one of the most efficient refineries in the world and has a mission to mitigate climate change. The plant’s success is based on a continuous €250 million performance-based investment program. Engineering expertise in ethanol production has enabled diversification into new product streams using grain-based biotechnology.

Located on the banks of the Danube close to the town of Dunaföldvár, the refinery processes over 1.1 million tons of feed corn to produce 350,000 tons of protein-rich animal feed, 500 million litres of bioethanol and 15,000 tons of corn oil annually. Production of animal feed increases European food security while Pannonia Bio Ethanol protects the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from petrol by 67%.

The refinery creates a substantial market for locally produced feed corn, making the plant a key operator in the Hungarian maize market. The company continuously seeks opportunities to strengthen local partner relations, contributing nearly 500 million euros (156,556m HUF) to Hungary’s GDP and supporting over 2,000 jobs, mostly in rural communities.

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