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Oriana Kft.

Our mission is to empower our partners with the full capabilities of our platform, enabling them to deliver new capabilities for their clients and enabling them to say „yes” to digital process needs.

We have been serving enterprise clients since 2002. We soon realised there must be a simpler way to build business applications and we developed Effector. Through the power of low-code it empowers you with a fast and flexible platform ready and able to deal with the most complex enterprise needs.

Effector allows business users to build back-office business applications quickly with minimum IT involvement giving flexibility and agility to respond to the ever faster moving business environment. By utilizing our technology agnostic platform you can select from a rich library of ready to use application blocks and functionality templates, to build purpose built applications to power your business processes. You get the ideal combination of speed and functionality, outperforming Off The Shelf solutions by being fully integratable into your legacy and ERP systems, meaning you no longer need to adapt your business to the capabilities of the software.

Our solution is an additional tool for your back-office transformation and helps lay a solid process foundation to inspire great customer experiences.

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