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ApPello Kft.

Weboldal appello.eu
Ágazat Információs technológiák
Alapítás éve 1998
Munkatársak száma kevesebb, mint 500 munkatárs

ApPello Banking Software is a leading software vendor that provides loan origination, risk management and front-end solutions for over 18 years. These products represent over 2/3 of our product portfolio, hence we have a deep expertise in those areas. We are constantly developing our platform, which is currently one of the most powerful and prevailing in CEE region. We use proven technologies available on the market, by which our innovation is multiplied.

ApPello has a strong experience of implementation of IT systems group wide. We developed our technology, to maintain and roll out different versions, called common codebase methodology which can speed up and simplify the implementation in many legal entities. ApPello’s guiding principle is to provide banking software that does not only meet the business requirements, but can be set by the end users without IT involvement.

Our company’s main assets are our co-workers, so we put a special emphasis on their selection, professional training and also on providing them with a convenient working environment and atmosphere.

Munka a ApPello Kft. vállalatnál

  • Business Analyst HU


     ...and maintaining our self-developed software and consulting in the framework of other projects. We are looking for a full time Business analyst based in Budapest. At the beginning, our new colleague will complete testing and business parameterizing tasks. After... 
  • JAVA developer HU


    ApPello is a software development company specialized in developing and installing banking IT systems. Our main activities include developing...  ...projects in 6 countries outside Hungary. We are looking for a Java (J2EE) Developer for a full-time long-term position in our head...