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Kőröstej Kft.

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We at Kőröstej Ltd. are, above all, producers of cheese. We are one of the leading producers of Kashkaval cheese in the world, but we are also producers of over a hundred different kinds of cheese, from Hungarian Trappist and Parenyica, to Middle Eastern Labneh and Chilal, to worldwide cheeses like Grill cheeses and processed cheeses.

But we are also inventors of cheeses not found anywhere else: to name just two examples, there is "Traboulsi" cheese, named after Tripoli, the hometown of the company owner, or indeed "Hungarian Labneh", bringing a new, European twist to the Middle Eastern classic.

We think our rich, varied and delicious range of products is the best way to define who we are. As for what we believe: we at Kőröstej Kft. believe in many things.

We believe in constant innovation and never-ending invention. There has never passed a year of our company's existence in which we have not developed something new- whether products, packaging, inventions or innovations. And our star products are those which we have invented and perfected ourselves, which you can find nowhere else. This is what true innovation means to us.

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    Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdú-Bihar

    HR asszisztens - munkaügyi adminisztrátor Kőröstej Kft. Építsd karriered a Kőröstej Csoportnál, csatlakozz csapatunkhoz és találj új kihívásokat! Az 1991-ben alapított Kőröstej Csoport a magyar és külföldi piacokon egyaránt sikeres, országszerte közel 1.000 alkalmazottat...