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Dorsum Software Development and Service Company.

Weboldal www.dorsum.eu
Ágazat Információs technológiák
Alapítás éve 1996
Munkatársak száma kevesebb, mint 500 munkatárs

Dorsum is an award-winning, innovative investment software provider. Since our foundation in 1996 innovation has been always the main engine of the company which helped us to become a leading software provider in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region. Over the last 20 years the company has grown from a few employees into an organization with a staff of more than 300 including an experienced project team for delivering integrated investments IT solutions. Keeping up with business and technology challenges of the financial market, our developments are aimed at investment software.

Our people are the lenses through which we view our success. That is why our aim is to provide each of our employees with a professional yet comfortable working environment, offering continuous personal development and a commitment to a great work-life balance.

 Long, stressful hours can lead to poor results, thus putting effectiveness on hold. That’s why we believe creating a good work-life balance is crucial to our mutual success.

We are one of the proud winners of the Family-Friendly Workplace Award of 2013. We encourage regular feedback from our staff with annual “satisfaction talks” on how they feel. Like most workplaces, Monday mornings can be painful here too, but we believe that our investment in people makes Dorsum a great place to work. We offer part-time and other, non-standard forms of employment. We keep in touch with colleagues on maternity leave, support their reintegration to work and have created a children’s corner at the office.

We are not all work and no play. We work hard and play hard, especially on Family days, at sports competitions and football matches. We bring warmth into the cold winter days with a little magic from Santa, and at our Christmas party, there is no shortage of singing talent.

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