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Kirchhoff Hungaria Kft.

Weboldal www.kirchhoff-automotive.com
Alapítás éve 2006
Munkatársak száma több, mint 3000 munkatárs

KIRCHHOFF Automotive is a development partner to the automotive industry.We are active all over the globe as a full-service supplier for complex metal and hybrid structures in body-in-white, crash management systems, chassis applications and cross car beams.

The family-owned company was established in 1785 in Germany, today it is a part of the KIRCHHOFF Group, consisting of the KIRCHHOFF Automotive, KIRCHHOFF Ecotec, KIRCHHOFF Mobility, and WITTE Tools business units.

KIRCHHOFF Automotive is the largest business unit in the KIRCHHOFF Group, with 9,000 employees and about 30 production plants in 11 countries. As a global player, we offer complex body components to our customers on the continents of Europe, Asia, and North America, in a cost-optimal logistics chain. Our global production network includes the core technologies of forming, CNC wing bending, joining, lightweight design, and surface treatment, ensuring uniform manufacturing and production standards around the world. We operate with a logistical chain optimized for cost means; products such as crash management systems, front-end frames, and cross members are assembled into complete components at JIT plants that are located in the immediate vicinity of our customers.


As early as the development phase for new vehicle models, we strive for close cooperation with automotive manufacturers. Our customers can thus take advantage of our expertise in automotive lightweight design. We develop structural parts for body-in-white; for example in hybrid designs, combinations of steel and aluminium, or metal and plastic, are used for this purpose. By utilizing the advanced technology of partial press hardening, we are able to produce steel products with different strength ranges, therefore optimizing body components for weight and crash performance.


Our focus is not only on the process and the machinery, but also most importantly on our employees. Only by staying highly motivated, we can together with our customers reach set objectives and be successful in the long term.

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