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Jobconcept Kft.

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The main business activity of JobConcept Ltd. is labour lending, as a human resources management service. The development and success of our Company is due to the fact that we endeavour to meet the requirements of our Partners in terms of quantity and quality in a precise and expedient way. JobConcept attaches special attention to the changes taking place in the national job market, on the various opportunities and advantages resulting from these changes and that are available (and at hand) for the various business companies.

Our Company stands on solid grounds, it has selected with care the group of Partners where our would-be Employee shall perform his/her job. We guarantee a human approach, in respect of human dignity, by helping our would-be Employee to take his/her decision, since for us our Employee is also a Client! We do not expect anything else but correct work performance, a dynamic and positive approach - and in return we guarantee fully reported clean employment, peace of mind and security - all this within appropriate and controlled work conditions. Our motto: "The first step in building a career" is far from being a mere commonplace statement - our Partners really consider leased labour status as the first step in the process of welcoming on their own staff an employee who performs well his/her job!

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