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Nagel Hungária

Weboldal www.nagel-group.com
Alapítás éve 1916
Munkatársak száma kevesebb, mint 1000 munkatárs

Food logistics offers an enormous variety of professional profiles. As one of the leading providers in Europe, Nagel-Group also offers a great many perspectives that arise from being an international organisation. Today, 12,000 employees trust us and are enthusiastic about our common mission – to make the right food products available at the right temperature, at the right place.

We take our personnel development responsibility very seriously and therefore ensure the sustainable development of our employees' skills and expertise — from training to skilled specialist and management tasks. We are constantly developing new programmes to familiarise our long-serving employees with changing tasks and ensure that new employees integrate well — and to make sure that our managers always have their finger on the pulse — with topics ranging from employee orientation to self-reflection.

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