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Patec Precision Kft.

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PATEC Group is a leading engineering solutions partner to the metal-forming industry, comprising of two distinctive and complementary business units: Engineering Solutions and Components Manufacturing. 

PATEC provides complete engineering solutions, ranging from ODM precision mechanical press machines, tool design and fabrication to turnkey manufacturing and in-house series manufacturing.

 The success of PATEC depends on our ability to evolve and maximise our core comparative advantage, and the people in PATEC form the basis of this core strength. To extend this ability to cope with ever-changing requirements in the industry, PATEC places significant emphasis on people development on a personal and professional level. 

From course and modular certification for particular and specific skill-sets, to the advancement of academic qualifications through full-length tertiary education programs, PATEC works with SPRING Singapore to encourage life-long learning for its greatest asset. 

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