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Adient Hungary Kft

Weboldal www.adient.com
Alapítás éve 2016
Munkatársak száma kevesebb, mint 3000 munkatárs

We are the leader in automotive seating with unmatched global reach and scale.

At Adient, every year we supply automotive seats and components for more than

25,000,000 cars

With one in every three seats in the world coming from our facilities, we work with all major automakers and vehicle classes. And in an industry that spans continents, we’re truly a global presence. Through meticulous orchestration, we work to deliver the right products at the right time – and are always right where our customers need us to be.

At Adient, we care about your character just as much as your qualifications. Because for us, it’s more than the job. It's about committing to your responsibilities. Creating a global community and empowering your teammates. That’s why we work hard to ensure our employees – no matter the stage of their careers – can see the difference their work makes for our customers and their consumers around the globe.

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