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AgroSprint Kft.

Our company, the AgroSprint Ltd. deals with fruit and vegetable processing and freezing, goes back for 25 years. It is an export-oriented family enterprise. In the first fe years our main activities included mostly the export of fresh fruits and vegetables to Western Europe focusing our production mainly on one-two products. Due to our initial successes in the 90's we were able to build our quick-freezing plant in Karcag which was enlarged in four phase, thus creating the biggest quick freezing factory of the county, or of the region to be more exact. With the arrival of the turn of the century and even after that our successes remained undiminished as in 2005 we opened our factory in Beresztelke, Romania, Maros County. As a result of our investment it became the most modern cold-storage depot of the region which owns logistics capacity and production technology for packing of deep frozen products for retail trade.

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