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Schnellecke Hungary Kft.

Weboldal www.schnellecke.com
Alapítás éve 1939
Munkatársak száma több, mint 3000 munkatárs


The Schnellecke Group is an internationally operating family-owned company that offers a variety of logistics services. One of the major focuses of these activities is value-added logistics for the automotive industry.

We develop complete concepts that range from transport and warehousing, to pre-assemblies and value-added services, to sequential production of individual parts and modules, and packaging suitable for containers. Furthermore, we produce individual car body parts and car body modules for vehicle manufacturing under the KWD Automotive umbrella brand.

In the automotive industry today we are one of the globally leading logistics service providers. Value-added logistics by Schnellecke is well-known. Few companies have the comprehensive expertise with which we help our customers to design their processes more efficiently. Our commitment to continuous innovation has an important role in this, and it is also due to this that we are always among the first who put new technologies for logistics into practice.

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