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Secret Sauce Partners  -  Budapest
 ...As a Backend Engineer you will be implementing a set of services that process and serve large data sets we receive from our partners. The services are used to process the data powering our products and provide a scalable way of accessing the data. Our products, powered... 
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Secret Sauce Partners  -  Budapest
 ...At Secret Sauce, we work with some of the largest apparel retailers in the world to transform how people shop for apparel & footwear online and in stores. We tap into data that the retailers already have about their shoppers and their products. We're looking for a... 
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Secret Sauce Partners  -  Budapest
 ...Evaluation of A/B tests Exploratory analysis of our data sets containing detailed information about how people interact with our partners’ websites and our services Collaboration with our R&D and developer teams to support algorithm fine-tuning and service... 
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