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Állás Researcher Sé, Vas

1-8 8-ból/-ből találat

FALCO Zrt .  -  Szombathely

 ...potential hauliers and build up business relations with them Regular visits of existing and new hauliers Systematic truck market research, analyzing and strategically planning of loading capacities on national and international market Continuous searching for new delivery... 
11 napja

SO1  -  Szombathely

 ...projects from day one. You will track the state of the art in various areas of Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Operations Research and Optimization You will come up with ideas for models, prototype them, deploy to production and run A/B tests You will develop... 
2 napja

Preply  -  Szombathely

 ...user-centered designs Ability to define and improve problem points of the existing user experience Actively participate in the research process (interviews, hotjar, data analysis etc.) that leads to understanding real customer problems Efficiently simplify all... 
24 napja

Piktochart  -  Szombathely

 ...to get the feature ready for development  Gather and write specs to communicate to the development team, and conduct independent research including contacting users as needed Formulate goals and success metrics for the product/project that you oversee, and be... 
24 napja

Yoco  -  Szombathely

 ...experience across Yoco's products Create delightful, elegant and effective solutions to complex problems Be informed by user research, insights and interactions  Brainstorm, iterate and test concepts and prototypes with real users Help evolve and maintain a... 
11 napja

NavVis  -  Szombathely

 ...-off of the Technical University of Munich, our computer vision based indoor positioning technology is based on years of academic research. Today, we continue to push the frontiers of digital mapping. Our revolutionary digital indoor products are being used by the world... 
24 napja

Cint  -  Szombathely

 ...40 million registered consumers worldwide, Cint maintains an online insights exchange platform that connects community owners to researchers, agencies and brands, for the sharing and accessing of consumer data. Position Cint HQ is a very open and welcoming place,... 
24 napja

Tessian  -  Szombathely

 ...what our clients rely on day-to-day. We're looking for data scientists who are excited opportunities and challenges that come with researching, building and deploying real-time production models. We're looking for applicants with a minimum of 2 year's production... 
24 napja

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